Where to Stay When 1.2M Fans Arrive for World Cup 2022?

1.2 million soccer fans are expected to descend upon the small Gulf state for World Cup 2018, which was seeded to pit England against Iran, the United States, Ukraine, Scotland, or Wales. The recent World Cup draw has sparked an uptick in inquiries from eager fans looking to secure a place to stay during the tournament.

There are fears that Qatar might not even be able to accommodate and handle enough guests, particularly those who don’t have tickets and want to enjoy the World Cup and the country’s culture in various areas outside of the stadiums, such as fan zones and public areas.

Accommodation conundrums

It’s hard to fathom how a country with virtually unlimited resources, none of those things, and no history of hosting major sporting events, got the privilege to organize one of the world’s most prestigious events. Everything will be revealed at some point.

It’s impossible to think of a better country to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022. For a month’s stay in a private flat in Qatar, World Cup supporters are being billed up to £60,000.

The Gulf state, which has a population of less than three million, is anticipated to see about 1.2 million tourists during the event at the end of the year.

As a result of Friday’s World Cup draw, which embroiled England against Iran, the United States, and either Ukraine, Scotland or Wales, a flurry of inquiries from prospective World Cup attendees have poured in to book accommodations.

According to sites like Airbnb, a month-long stay in a flat or a room can cost as much as $50,00 or $60,000. There are no available hotel rooms, so no reservations can be made. Beds are available; however, they haven’t yet been made accessible for booking.

What are your options?

Organizers of the World Cup 2022 point out that several lodging alternatives may be reserved right now via their official webpage, including a two-person berth on a cruise liner for six nights at £3000.

More than 4,000 accommodations will be available onboard the cruise ships, which will be anchored in the port facing Doha’s skyscrapers. The Supreme Committee acknowledged in a statement that far more than 30,000 hotels and residential units are still being built and would be made available to the market in due time.

Luxurious villas are going for astronomical prices, according to several private accommodation companies. During the ฟุตบอลโลก, some properties will rent for as much as £20,000 a night. Camping in the Doha desert is the most cost-effective choice.

Plenty of luxury cabanas is being planned for a beach resort roughly an hour south of town, although the price hasn’t yet been determined.

It’s a little more complicated for Scotland and Wales fans because their play-off matches have been postponed due to the conflict in Ukraine. It has been a pleasure for Welsh supporters to travel to the remaining two European Championship tournaments, but the last time Wales competed at the World Cup was 1958.

Other essentials

Qatar is home to some of the best restaurants in the world, serving everything from traditional Middle Eastern fare to delectable dishes from India. Boho Social, located just above the Katara Cultural Village, is one of the best Western-themed restaurants in Doha.

The consumption of alcohol is not common in Qatari society; hence it is unlikely to be available in all public places. The above-mentioned and other stand-alone restaurants currently prohibit the consumption of alcohol.

During the World Cup 2022, alcohol will be offered at fan zones as well as in hotel rooms and restaurants. All tourists are asked to demonstrate respect for the local culture by not wearing clothes that are too exposing in public places.

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