The importance of online gambling regulation

In the internet age it has become more and more common for gamblers to play at online casinos.
Nowadays a regulation for online gambling is essential, since there are too many sites offering this service and it is necessary to be able to distinguish those that are legitimate from those that are fraudulent. Players need to be protected from being scammed when gambling real money online, and legal regulation can put a stop to such frauds.

With the latest advances in legislation, the differences between fraudulent and safe online casino sites is quite simple: those who have the necessary license to operate will be the only ones that must be taken into account. However, it is also necessary to contrast opinions in forums and do a research to avoid illegal sites.

It is important to consider that the online gambling industry is still young relatively speaking, and it abruptly rise in popularity. Due to this facts, it is probable that lawmakers were not prepared for it. As a result, online gambling regulation took a while in most countries, and there are even some that have no legislation at all. Until legislation was applied, countries relied on outdated laws that were not sufficient; in fact, some of them still do.

The online gambling law has improved in the last years, but it still has a long way to go before it can be considered a well regulated industry globally speaking. It is essential to understand that online gambling regulation is really important to guarantee everyone´s safety.

Why online gambling regulation is important

Gambling real money at online casinos involves entrusting this money to a virtual operator player´s know nothing about. Gamblers all around the world fund their accounts with real money at online casinos and only a few of them have some knowledge about the company or people behind the gambling site. And even less of them know or consider the online gambling rules provided by the site. This is why it is necessary to regulate adequately the industry, so people feel safe knowing they are dealing with legal and reputable operators.

Regulation is fundamental to ensure that gambling sites are operated lawfully and ethically, and to guarantee the gambler´s safety and that they are treated fairly. It is also fundamental to stop rogue sites from acting as they please. Today is hard to do this since there is no global regulatory body that oversees online gambling in every single country, therefore, sites can base themselves in a place where there are no strict laws or regulation and operate as they please.

All gambling sites should ethical and comply with the laws that they are subject to. They should be required to protect their customer’s deposits and have transparent terms and conditions. Players should be able to play fair games and should be able to withdraw any winnings they make within a reasonable timeframe. If every online casino met these criteria players’ wouldn´t be at risk of being scammed. That is why regulation is so necessary, and the sites that doesn´t meet the regulation criteria shouldn´t be allowed to operate.

Why online gambling should be legal

Gambling has existed for a very long time, and the fact that it is illegal in several countries does not make it cease to exist. Gambling always existed and will continue to exist, therefore so will gambling sites.

Making online gambling legal will help with its regulation, enabling safe and secure sites where players can gamble without worries. But not only that, countries that have legalized gambling have experienced significant growth of revenue, which means that the economy can benefit from this. This is possible due to the betting charges, annual taxes and expenses (among other things) operator´s must pay. All this money goes back into the economy.

Another important advantage of legalizing online gambling is that it would impact positively in the unemployment rate, since the gambling industry could generate several jobs. Regular casinos employ a lot of people from different areas, and it would be the same with online casinos, except people would work from their homes.

In conclusion, legalizing online gambling could benefit the state and the community, and would provide security and safety to gamblers.

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