Best Play-to-Earn Games with metaverse

The term metaverse has become increasingly popular in recent years as a growing number of businesses embrace its status as the technology of the future economy. Despite the term being used to refer to “online” and “internet” more frequently, its definition is still somewhat vague. Since the metaverse is being described as the next “big thing,” it’s worth understanding what this term is all about.

What are Play to Earn Crypto Games?

P2E games reward players for the time and effort they put into the game, something that traditional video games do not. Each game offers a unique way to commend players for their in-game accomplishments… This reward may take the form of a non-fungible token (NFT), cryptocurrency, or an increase in the value of a player’s current NFT. Some P2E games will require an initial investment, while others are free to play.

These unique games have native tokens supporting game economies. You buy, trade, sell, and play with these in-game currencies.

However, some games are premium needing an initial investment to start with, while some can be played for free.

Notably, most of these games are in early development, especially if you compare the graphics with traditionally top-level PlayStation or Xbox titles. So, you’re a few years early if expecting a good-looking crypto game.

But keep the focus on the economics, and the rewards can be enough to keep you hooked.

Here are our picks for the best play-to-earn games of 2023

What Is the Best Play-To-Earn Games?

These play-to-earn games provide a variety of features, including new gameplay mechanics and rewards you can earn, such as cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Play-To-Earn Games

  • Axie Infinity: Trade and compete with ethereum-minted NFTs, with a plethora of customization options.
  • Decentraland: 3D world creation, virtual reality, and MANA currency in an Ethereum wallet.
  • Alien Worlds: Sci-fi adventure game. Capture NFT alien species in order to mine or discover items.
  • The Sandbox: Blockchain-based. Builds houses and travels on quests with SAND.
  • Zed Run: A horse racing game on the Polygon and Ethereum blockchains that uses NFT horses.

5 Best metaverse Games of 2023

There are lots of play to earn games available and below are five of the best ones in more detail.

  1. Axie Infinity

The “Axies” that players can collect, breed, raise, fight, and trade with other online users in this play-to-earn game are Ethereum-minted NFTs. There are many different types of axes. There are numerous axes to choose from, and the possibilities for customization are limitless. When a player defeats other users, they earn Smooth Love Potion tokens, which can be exchanged for Axie Infinity Shard tokens, the main utility tokens. for the game.

According to ActivePlay, Axie Infinity has 468,805 average monthly users, down from 2.78 million in January before the current crypto winter, according to Cointelegraph.. Smooth Love Potion prices have fallen 99.39% from their all-time high of $0.43 to $0.0025 as of Dec. 15, according to Coinbase.

However, Axie Infinity has a loyal international following. It fueled a crypto-based digital economy in Southeast Asia, specifically the Philippines and Vietnam, before a cryptocurrency bear market took hold. What will happen next for Axie Infinity is anyone’s guess, but if you believe in the game’s and its NFTs’ future, this could be a chance to catch up.

As of Dec. 15, approximately 99.67 million AXS — 37% of the total supply — were in circulation, with a single AXS valued at $7.58 on CoinMarketCap.

  1. Decentraland

Decentraland is a platform for virtual reality that enables users to create their own 3D world by purchasing land and developing it there. Once a player buys land,They can do whatever they want with it, from developing a standalone game to launching an operational online store. A player can keep their land secure while they’re offline by paying other users to keep it safe.

A player needs an ethereum wallet to purchase and store MANA, the platform’s currency, in order to begin using Decentraland.

About 1.86 billion MANA coins were in use as of December 15, and each one was worth slightly more than $0.37.

3.Alien Worlds

Play, mine, and upgrade to create an immersive gaming experience in Alien Worlds, a futuristic sci-fi adventure game. It is based on NFT alien species that a player can capture and use to mine or find various items. The likelihood of winning increases as a player makes more upgrades..

Alien Worlds is the official cryptocurrency of the Alien Worlds game, and it trades under the symbol TLM. The TLM token can be used by a player to win missions and battles, as well as to trade NFTs with other players.. Players will require mining equipment, land, and TLM deposits to get started.

As of December 15, a single TLM coin was worth $0.0153, with only 33% of the total supply of TLM coins — roughly 5.8 billion — in circulation.

  1. The Sandbox

In this blockchain-based game, players can build, craft, and survive in a blocky metaverse. Users of The Sandbox can purchase SAND in-game currency tokens to construct a house or castle, or to go on quests to earn more tokens. The Sandbox encourages players to actively participate on the platform, buying and selling NFTs by combining creativity, strategy, and survival skills.

a SAND token is worth $0.5469  – as of Dec. 15, Roughly 1.5 billion SAND, 50% of the total supply are in circulation

  1. Zed Run

Users can curate various horses in the play-to-earn horse racing game Zed Run as NFTs, which they can then buy, sell, and trade with other platform users. Users can also breed new horses or upgrade existing ones to increase their strength.

 Users race their horses to earn rewards in this play-to-earn game. Each horse has strengths and weaknesses, and players can upgrade them to make winning races easier. By placing bets on other players, they can also profit.

Zed Run’s zed token was recently launched on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. According to CoinMarketCap, the token will be the game’s main utility and in-game currency. When it was first introduced in July, the token was worth about 11 cents. It is currently available for $0.0265. Following an initial distribution of 7% of the fixed supply of 1 billion tokens, the remainder will be distributed over the course of four years.


It would not be incorrect to say that playing to earn crypto games is the next big thing in the gaming world. And what’s better if you can make a good living while having fun?

Due to the volatility of cryptocurrency, you should be wary of games that require initial investments.

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